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analogWrite(pin, value, [freq], [callback])

Output a pulse width modulated signal on pin.

The name 'analogWrite' comes from other open source libraries with recognition that a PWM tied to a low-pass filter will produce an analog voltage level. A PWM can also be used to control some types of motors. Read more about PWMs on the Wikipedia pulse-width modulation page .

Valid pins are highlighted in yellow with "PWM" in their names (timers not yet supported):

Note: This function is currently incompatible with pinMode which may force the pin mux to GPIO mode only.


  • pin: the BeagleBone pin identifier
  • value: duty cycle of the PWM as a value between 0 and 1
  • freq: frequency of the PWM in Hz (default is 2kHz)
  • callback: called upon completion

Return value


  • x.err: error status message


var b = require('bonescript');
b.analogWrite('P9_14', 0.7, 2000, printJSON);
function printJSON(x) { console.log(JSON.stringify(x)); }

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