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Resource Links for the BeagleBoard

First off, there is a support wiki page for the BeagleBoard that includes System Technical Reference Manuals, Schematics and more.

Third Party Resources and Distributors

Consultants and Commercial Linux Providers

The TI processors wiki has a nice list of consultants and commercial Linux providers that support the hardware

Hardware Distributors

Find a distributor for a BeagleBoard, BeagleBoard-xM and BeagleBone

Value added resellers

Special Computing offers unique products and services for the OMAP3530 BeagleBoard from custom cases and cabling to complete solutions.

Providers of OMAP35x in other development hardware

Several providers offer development platforms that utilize the OMAP35x that are either based on the BeagleBoard or otherwise provide some degree of software compatibility.

The Gumstix Overo series offers the BeagleBoard function in a smaller package, adds more expansion options like LCD, Ethernet & Bluetooth and can be purchased in hundreds or thousands for commercial applications.

ISEE IGEPv2 Platform provides all the functionality of a BeagleBoard (65x93mm), completely industrial grade (40 + 85ºC) and includes Ethernet 10/100 Mb, Wifi 802.11b/g, Bluetooth 2.0, RS485/232, Expansion Connectors and available in the thousands for commercial applications.

The KwikByte KBOC System Module provides easy-to-integrate OMAP35x BeagleBoard functionality and also supports simple expansion and customization at any volume.

TechNexion TAO-3530 System Module together with the inferno or thunder interface boards creates possibilities for developers to fully test all and more of Beagleboard functionality and start development of custom unique products immediately and without huge upfront investments.

Other OMAP3 boards.

Knowledgeable consultants and solution providers

QNX provides a complete solution for the accelerated development of automotive and general embedded applications with rich HMI and multimedia requirements.

ICS provides embedded software development services for the Beagleboard with focus on applications built with Qt, a cross-platform application and UI framework from Nokia (formerly Trolltech). ICS is a Qt Certified Partner, and the largest independent firm specializing in Qt development.

Screaming Circuits delivers PCB Assembly service – prototypes and short run production. We guarantee turn-times as fast as 24 hours. We assemble Package-on-package, 0201 passives, CSP, microBGA, QFN and our minimum quantity is just one board. You can quote and order our pcb assembly service online.

LinuxLink Development Center for Beagle Board

ARM DS-5 development system

Booting MontaVista Linux 6 on the Beagle Board

Daughter-boards and accessories

The BeagleBuddy Zippy Ethernet Combo Board is an expansion board for the BeagleBoard that adds an Ethernet interface, a second SD/MMC memory card interface, a battery backed-up Real Time Clock, a second RS-232 serial port, and a I²C expansion interface (5V).

Beagle Board Toys from CircuitCo

Hardware Overview and Resources

System Technical Reference Manuals

Device-level documentation

Additional materials

Software Development Resources

Other Resources

Links on this site

Links to other community sites

Selected past events

TI eTech Day

Community Lightning Talks
November 17, 2009
On-line event

SPS/IPC/Drives Tradefair

November 24
Nuremberg, Germany

ESC Grenoble, France 2009

BeagleBoard Workshop
Thursday, December 3
Join at ESC France for a hands-on interactive training workshop. You get access to industry expert led classes where you learn how to configure your kit onsite---and it’s yours to keep!

Symbian Exchange & Expo

The beagle board port for SF^2
27 Oct 2009

ESC Boston 2009

Hands-on BeagleBoard classes were held in Boston on September 22. Materials are archived for all to use.

Embedded Systems Conference
McEnery Convention Center
San Jose, CA, USA
March 30 - April 3, 2009
You get a Rev C board and two full days of hands-on Beagle training with SGX-accelerated 3D, DSP-accelerated GStreamer, Android, and more.
User's group meeting to follow the BeagleBoard and Tektronix scope give away on Thursday at 3PM, discussing new sponsored project program.

OMAP35x training by Silica
ARM Holdings Lecture Theatre
Brussels, Belgium
March 31, 2009

Embedded Systems Conference Boston
Hynes Convention Center
Boston, MA, USA
October 26-30, 2008
Build Your Own Embedded
System - BeagleBoard

OMAP35x training by Silica
ARM Holdings Lecture Theatre
Cambridge, UK
January 21, 2009 and again on January 22, 2009

Embedded World
Nurenberg, Germany
March 3 - 5, 2009

Embedded World 2010 Trade Show

March 2-4, 2010
Nuremberg, Germany

The $89 BeagleBone!

Today, announces the next member of the pack, the BeagleBone. Here is a related press release and some details.

Google kills news feed

By removing the social features from Google Reader , Google killed our news feed and deleted a log of thousands of blog posts regarding what you can do with a BeagleBoard. Thanks Google. :-(

BeagleBoard is back at ESC Boston

This time, there is more focus on hardware interfacing and on Android, including an Android Certificate Program.

BeagleBoard turns 3.0!

The BeagleBoard was announced 3 years ago now.


We're bringing Gerald into a weekly podcast! Send in your questions and suggestions at +1-713-234-0535 or on the BeagleCast suggest form.

Summer Workshops at Stanford

July 16-20 and July 23-27

Simulink + BeagleBoard = $500

Calling all students! Here’s some simple arithmetic: BeagleBoard + Simulink could = back to class with extra cash. Find out how to get $500 in your pocket. Homework’s due August 31st.

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