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One of the missions of is to create a website where anyone can participate, including taking all of the source of the website to create their own. If we were to maintain a long list of usernames and passwords on this site, there might be significant risk of someone using our open nature to hack into the site and steal that information. Besides, it is simply a pain to have to remember a username and password for every new site where you want to contribute. Still, we can't allow people to simply post whatever they want without maintaining some information about their identity, so we need something.

Fortunately, there is OpenID. Using OpenID, you can maintain one username and password across the many sites supporting the standard, without needing to provide them with your password information.

Create an OpenID account

If you don't already have an OpenID account or a preferred provider, go ahead and sign up at and come back when you are done and visit the login page to find out the next steps.

You can learn more about OpenID at

You can verify your OpenID at OpenID Checkup by JanRain, Inc.

Patches to the website back-end should be submitted via git patches to the mailing list.

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