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Recommended BeagleBoard Peripherals

How do I know what peripherals I need or want?


At a minimum, you need power. There are a few ways you can power a BeagleBoard, BeagleBoard-xM or BealgeBone. You have an option to feed the on-board regulators through either the 5V barrel connector input or USB input. When powered up over USB, the regulators are somewhat limited in what they can supply the system. Power over USB is sufficient as long as the software and system you are running performs some management to keep it under the USB current limit threshold. For simplicity and maximum capability, powering over the 5V barrel connector is typically recommended.

Specific recommendations

5V power supplies

The power adapter needs to provide 5V over a 5.5mm outer diameter and 2.1mm inner diameter barrel connector. A barrel connector length of 9.5mm is more than sufficient. The currently recommended supply current is at least 1.2A (or 6W), but at least 2A (or 10W) is recommended if you are going to connect up anything over the USB. The actual power consumption will vary greatly with changes on the USB load. Below are some recommended units:

I also recommend searching for power adapters on and personally tagging any that you find useful, either already on that list or not already on that list.


There are several options for getting an LCD to add-on to your BeagleBoard or BeagleBoard-xM.

Sources for further exploration

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