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#include "memGPIO.hpp"

const int REPEATS = 10;
const int DELAY = 250000;

int main () {
  // Make a instance.
  easyBlack::memGPIO myExample;

  // Get PINs data for better performance.
  easyBlack::memGPIO::gpioPin usr0 = myExample.getPin ("USR0");

  // Get PIN direction for better performance.
  const unsigned char output = myExample.OUTPUT;

  // Get PIN values for better performance.
  const unsigned char low = myExample.LOW;
  const unsigned char high = myExample.HIGH;

  // Set pin mode.
  myExample.pinMode (usr0, output);

  for (int x = 0; x < REPEATS; x++) {
    // Turn USR0 LED on.
    myExample.digitalWrite (usr0, high);

    usleep (DELAY);

    // Turn USR0 LED off.
    myExample.digitalWrite (usr0, low);

    usleep (DELAY);

  // Reset USR0 LED trigger to default.
  myExample.resetLEDPin0ToDefault ();

  // Call the destructor.
  myExample.~memGPIO ();

  exit (EXIT_SUCCESS);



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