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Distributed Indoor Air Quality Analytics

Distributed Indoor Air Quality analytics based on tags and open-source hardware and software with ability to integrate existing buildings.

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Distributed Indoor Air Quality Analytics

Things used in this project

Hardware components

SeeedStudio BeagleBone Green SeeedStudio BeagleBone Green
Grove - RTC
Seeed Studio Grove - RTC
IAQ HAT for Beaglebone
Designed by Ankalabs Inc
IAQ Lighting Panel
Designed by Ankalabs Inc

Software apps and online services

Project Sandstar
Merges Sedona Framework with Project Haystack
Sedona Framework
Open source controls engine that is utilized by building controls manufacturers around the World.
Project Haystack
Smart buildings industry defacto tagging model utilized by many corporates
Ankalytik EAC Points
SubOEM model of SkySpark from

Hand tools and fabrication machines

polycase plastic CNC
CNC existing low cost cover from PolyCase.
PCB Holder for ZN-45
3D printer would be nice to utilize for this


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Custom parts and enclosures

Assembly of the IAQ enclosure

CNC and PCB holder design


Anka IAQ Lighting Panel

Lighting Panel of Anka Labs IAQ System

Anka IAQ Hat

Hat that connects the IAQ sensor and the lighting panel



Implementing IAQ


Alper Üzmezler

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