Beagle Board - Linux Education Project

This page is out of date. For some great tutorials, see:

  • One of the recordings, such as at ELC 2018 or
  • The on-line or training courses from Bootlin

For a bit more recent reference for educators see the TI University Program page for BeagleBone Black.

What is BLEP?

The BeagleBoard Linux Eduction Project (BLEP) is focused on creating embedded Linux training materials that utilize the BeagleBoard as a demonstration platform.

BLEP Materials

Questions and Answers

Who can participate in the project?
Anyone. The project is open to all participants.

What are the current project goals?

  • a bootable USB Linux image for an x86 PC,
  • known-good system sources for Angstrom and Android,
  • bootable SD card images, and
  • labs that can be executed hands-on using the BeagleBoard or BeagleBoard-xM.

When and how do the participants meet?
We typically meet on IRC channel #beagle on in the regular flow of the day, but we also have a phone/IRC scheduled meeting with an entry on the Google calendar.

The meeting is initially scheduled for every other Tuesday at 10:30AM US Central time. The dial-in number is 877-561-6828 x21732661# in the United States. Country-specific dial-in codes can be found on the TI conference site.

What gets discussed in these meetings?
The current set of agenda items is published on this spreadsheet.

How do I add my agenda items to the list?
Add your agenda items using this form. Meeting minutes for the first meeting are here.

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