BeagleBone project spotlight: CryptoCape

BeagleBone project spotlight: CryptoCape When I think of cryptography, I think of movies like Sneakers, U571 and Pi. However, Josh Datko’s new solution will put cryptography in the hands of every developer — not only submariners (even though Josh happens to be one) and MENSA-level mathematicians — so that everyone from students and garage developers to professional engineers can secure their projects. Josh and his company Cryptotronix, in collaboration with SparkFun Electronics, are creating the CryptoCape for BeagleBone Black. The CryptoCape is an open-source hardware collection of cryptographic modules that extends the hardware cryptographic abilities of BeagleBone Black. The computer … Continue reading BeagleBone project spotlight: CryptoCape

BeagleBone Black project spotlight: The Deck

By Tara Stratton Phil Polstra had a problem. He had a vision for a portable penetration testing (pentesting) and forensics device, but he didn’t have the technology he would need to do it. One fateful day at Maker Faire Detroit, Polstra found himself right next to Jason Kridner, who was showing off the (then) new BeagleBoard-xM. “This was my first introduction to the Beagles. I was very impressed with the xM and thought I might use them in some future project,” said Polstra. That day, “The Deck” started taking shape. Polstra began creating a USB forensic device based on BeagleBoard-xM. … Continue reading BeagleBone Black project spotlight: The Deck