BeagleBone Black project spotlight: Squink

By Natalie Nelms Standing in line for coffee, a commercial break, boiling water – all things that only take a matter of minutes. What if building circuit boards were that easy and time efficient? At New York startup company BotFactory, devices print and assemble electronic circuit boards from your desktop in a matter of minutes. Creating electronic devices has never been easier. While attending the NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering, BotFactory co-founders, Carlos Ospina and Nicolas Vansnick, were presented with the challenge to design, assemble and test a basic EEG system in their bio-electronics class. While the design of the … Continue reading BeagleBone Black project spotlight: Squink

BeagleBone Black project spotlight: Pocket NC P5

By Natalie Nelms Computer numerical control (CNC) milling machines have been around for decades. Most are industrial-sized, and are used create everything from the shaped trim on a house to the mechanical components of a space shuttle. Over the last decade, a large do-it-yourself community has emerged giving a new market to CNC milling machines as personal, rather than solely industrial applications. Matt, Michelle, Gary, Duane and Bannor from Pocket NC have always been tinkerers and enjoy pursuing projects from their homes. After searching long and hard for a personal desktop mill, Matt and his team turned to the Sitara-processor-based … Continue reading BeagleBone Black project spotlight: Pocket NC P5

Machinekit Meetup

I just got back from a meetup of Machinekit developers hosted by Tormach, a maker of professional CNC machines. There I got a glimpse into the future of personal CNC machines and 3D printers. Building on the long successful LinuxCNC project, Machinekit has added support for additional platforms, including BeagleBone Black, and additional real-time Linux strategies, including Xenomai and stepper motor driving using the on-board PRU microcontrollers. What struck me is that software running on BeagleBone for controlling machines is the same as what CNC companies use in real (read expensive) CNC products… and it runs on some very remarkable … Continue reading Machinekit Meetup

BeagleBone Black project spotlight: The Lasersaur

By Tara Stratton Addie Wagenknecht and Stefan Hachenberger, co-founders of NORDT Labs, have many secret talents. Addie can bake some mean chocolate chip cookies at 15,000+ feet in high winds on a mountain, and she can open a beer bottle with just about anything (like a lighter) thanks to Becky Stern. Stefan, on the other hand, makes the best kiserschmann in Austria, according to Addie. But their most recent project—the Lasersaur—shows their best talent yet. The Lasersaur is an open source laser cutter. With CAD drawings, circuit schematics, software and a bill of materials available from NORTD Labs, end users … Continue reading BeagleBone Black project spotlight: The Lasersaur