Project Spotlight: Emmelia – Yocto powered 3D Printer prototype

by Natalie Nelms We’ve all heard about the trend of 3D printing that’s on the rise and breaking into many different industries, from automotive to fashion, Makers have embraced 3D printing on a whole new level and many have presented their creations to the public. At least that’s what maker Robert Berger did. He demonstrated his 3D printing project, Emmelia, at the Embedded Linux Conference 2014 at the Yocto booth. Berger began the project after purchasing a 3D printer kit. The software included open source, which he said was quite stable, and not Linux (8-bit AVR) so he saw room … Continue reading Project Spotlight: Emmelia – Yocto powered 3D Printer prototype

BeagleCast 2011-03-07: The inaugural podcast

Today’s hosts are Jason Kridner, Gerald Coley and Jeffery Osier-Mixon.  Below are the show note links. Links to the recordings BeagleCast-20110307.mp3 BeagleCast-20110307.ogg To provide questions or suggestions: Call +1-713-234-0535 or visit the BeagleCast suggestions form Jeff and Yocto    Jeff at a conference near the Columbia river gorge    Jeff now the Yocto community manager    Yocto includes Poky build tools, is multiplatform and has a BeagleBoard BSP    Yocto gets many new partners    What does it mean to join with OpenEmbedded?   OE and Gentoo share roots Arago Project     Koen working on the oe-core   eLinux wiki summary of embedded Linux projects    Wikis “are like … Continue reading BeagleCast 2011-03-07: The inaugural podcast