BeagleBone Black Project Spotlight: Shield I/O

Some unlikely combinations just seem to work: Oreos and peanut butter, Dwight Schrute and Michael Scott and now Arduino and BeagleBone Black! With the new Shield I/O, you can now use (almost) any Arduino shield with a BeagleBone Black. The Shield I/O, created by Andreas Behrend, adapts Arduino shields to be BeagleBone Black compatible, it doesn’t matter if you’re using 3.3V or 5V logic or up to 5V analog inputs. Precise resistor arrays divide the analog inputs and make it an option to measure up to 5V. Shield I/O comes with dedicated level shifters for all 14 digital GPIO pins, … Continue reading BeagleBone Black Project Spotlight: Shield I/O collaborates in creation of new Arduino TRE

Two open hardware pioneers have combined forces to bring the famously easy-to-use experience of Arduino to a high-performance ARM®-based Linux computer and prototyping platform derived from the open hardware designs of and Arduino Leonardo. As an open hardware project,’s collaboration with Arduino helps to advance accessible technology for artists, designers, hobbyists and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments everywhere. Arduino familiarity, freed from the tether of a laptop For many projects that previously required an external computer, the Arduino TRE will provide all the necessary tools on one small board at an affordable price with low … Continue reading collaborates in creation of new Arduino TRE

BeagleCast 2011-05-06: Talking ARM with Greg K-H

Today we interview Greg Kroah-Hartman and your hosts are Jason Kridner and Jeffery Osier-Mixon. Gerald will be back in two weeks. To provide questions or suggestions: Call +1-713-234-0535 or visit the BeagleCast suggestions form Links to the recordings BeagleCast-20110325.mp3 BeagleCast-20110325.ogg Links to show topics Some in stock @ Digi-Key this week!    A 300ms BeagleBoard boot?    Using git submodule and busybox to track mainline development Announcing the Level One eXpansion (LOX) Board    BeagleBoard at Embedded Linux Conference (CATCAN, Gumstix Stagecoach, SuperJumbo, Avnet, and WLAN hacking)    Always Innovating talk at the 2011 Embedded Linux Conference     Sandia cluster of 49 OMAP3s    TI introduces … Continue reading BeagleCast 2011-05-06: Talking ARM with Greg K-H