PRU Interface to ADC using RemoteProc and RPMsg

Greg R recently posted on the mailing list about a BeagleBone Green project that he’s been working on:

PRU Interface to ADC using RemoteProc and RPMsg


The project is hosted on GitHub:

images1 Greg-R/pruadc1

The goal of this project is to perform real-time digitization of an analog audio waveform, and then to make the digital data-stream available for manipulation within the Linux user-space via the “Advanced Linux Sound Architecture”. The Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) is a type MCP3008 and is connected via SPI bus to one of the two “Programmable Real-Time Units” included with the Beaglebone system.

Detailed documentation is in the file PRUADC1.pdf
Greg describes the project in this video:


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