BeagleCast 2011-03-07: The inaugural podcast

Today’s hosts are Jason Kridner, Gerald Coley and Jeffery Osier-Mixon.  Below are the show note links.

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SD card discussion   

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The theme music for BeagleCast was created and provided by Alasdair Drake.

One thought on “BeagleCast 2011-03-07: The inaugural podcast

  1. This is cool! I'm excited to hear more of these podcasts.
    The audio quality was decent for the on the phone portions but the intro and outro were a bit distorted.

    If there's any more data on SD card performance (I saw a recent article that's along similar lines) I'd be interested.

    As Yocto is sort of an extension to OpenEmbedded, I'd be curious to hear about what (if any) the plans are for providing learning experiences / tools to those new to Yocto and embedded development. OpenEmbedded is straightforward if you want to do something that's been done before, but doing new things (like adding new packages) is somewhat intimidating for those without a lot of experience in embedded / cross tools / packaging tools.

    Along the same lines, you mention about wikis being best when fresh. There's something to be said for a project / company providing "official" documentation and making it a priority. Is there a plan for Yocto to have "official" documentation that's not just a community wiki? I'm thinking something like FreeBSD's Handbook.


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