Beagleboard in India costs 3500 Rupees less …

It is great to know that IDA systems will be shipping beagleboards in India for just Rs 8999

In the past beagleboards were available for 12500 Rs, thanks for Gerald Coley, CircuitCo and IDA to work together in getting the cost down for India.

IDA systems is also announced as official distributor for Beagleboards So any one in India can get local support for beagleboards and shipping should be fast with no lead times like before.

Good Luck to IDA and beagle board India users.


6 thoughts on “Beagleboard in India costs 3500 Rupees less …

  1. Hello,
    IDA systems site says Rs 11500 for beagle board. Also will I get OMAP3530 processor's developer's manual (the document containing register memory map, details of each bit in the registers, their use, etc) along with beagle board?

  2. Tenet Technetronics is now official distributors for Beagle Board XM in India, They are providing Online Demo as well as Beagle Support.

    Thanks and Regards

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