Rev C available for Silicon Valley BeagleBoard User’s Group meeting

Rev C2 is available now! Same part number at Digi-Key and the same price!

  • Twice the RAM (256MB, instead of 128MB)
  • High-speed-only dedicated-host USB port with standard A-type connector
  • LCD expansion header

All of the Rev B units sold out, so all new orders will be filled with Rev C units which are already in stock. The timing worked out perfectly with the last Rev B units being sold the day after the Rev C units arrived.

All of this is just-in-time for our Silicon Valley BeagleBoard Users’ Group meeting being held immediately following the Embedded Systems Conference. We’ll be enjoying a few beers and discussing the sponsored project program. The meeting will be held in room B1 in the convention center right after the show closes at 4 PM, Thursday, April 2nd. Join us in the ESC Theater an hour earlier for a chance to win a BeagleBoard and a Tektronix scope. Hope to see you there!

3 thoughts on “Rev C available for Silicon Valley BeagleBoard User’s Group meeting

  1. Hi,

    Jason I’m trying to get 3 beagleboards revision C2 for some projects We have here.

    I haven’t been able to buy one from digi’key because they won’t have it until June 21st.

    Do you know anyother source I can get them from.

    Ulises Vega

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