Beagle Board - Mission Statement

Open Everywhere Computing for Everyone

Mission is Open Everywhere Computing seeks to foster the advancement of open source hardware and software for building embedded computing solutions at all skill levels.

Vision is Openness Enables Everyone

Open development means sharing the ability to reproduce a craft and providing a means for refining that craft. Individuals with less defined skills are able to fully observe the skills of others to refine their skills. Contributions of individuals are collected, advancing the ability of all individuals with the basic skills of the community.

Linux plays a critical role in this vision, because no other software project has ever brought so many collaborators together and run on so many platforms. For to be successful, it means enabling Linux developers through support in the mainline Linux kernel such that all popular Linux distros can provide support for a viable everywhere-computing platform.

Because the mainline Linux maintainers demand that capabilities not be implemented for a single device if the capability exists on multiple devices, the work that goes into the mainline kernel as a result of the platforms is available for all platforms, making Linux more friendly for anyone using it on a everywhere-computing platform.

Skills and capabilities enabled by open everywhere computing

  • Interfacing sensors and controls
  • Programming
  • Networking
  • Device driver development
  • Operating system design and usage
  • Other general computer science and electrical engingeering concepts and usage
  • Collaboration

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