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Winning BeagleBone Cape Plug-In Board Designs

The judges tirelessly reviewed each and every innovative BeagleBone Cape Plug-in Board design entry and have chosen the three winning submissions.

Drum roll, please...

The winning entries are Replicape by Elias Bakken, Interacto by Chris Clark and the Geiger cape by Matt Ranostay.

Congratulations Elias, Chris and Matt! You each get $500 from Texas Instruments, $500 from Mouser and a tool from Total Phase. Plus, your amazing winning designs will be prototyped, manufactured and sold through Circuitco Electronics.

In addition to the grand prize winners, our sponsors graciously agreed to give prizes to the social media favorite - the design that received the highest number of Likes, +1's and Tweets. The social media favorite is the FPGA LOGI-BONE by Michael Jones. Michael, you get a tool from Total Phase, an AM335x StarterKit from Mouser and a Proto Cape Kit from Adafruit.

Thank you to everyone that entered the first ever BeagleBone Cape Plug-in Board Design Contest. Your innovative and creative entries made this contest a success. You are inspiring and it is because of you the Beagle platform exists.

Here are the winning cape designs...

Grand Prize

Replicape by Elias Bakken

Replicape is a 3D printer cape which includes

  • 5 stepper motors (X, Y, Z, Ext1, Ext2)
  • 3 high power MOSFETs (PWM controlled) for 2 extruders and 1 HPB
  • 3 medium power MOSFETs (PWM controlled) for up to 3 fans
  • 3 analog input ports for thermistors
  • 3 inputs for end stops (X, Y, Z)
  • Programmable current limits on steppers motor drivers (SMD). No need to manually adjust a pot meter.
  • Microstepping individually programmable for each SMD from 1 to 32.
  • X, Y and Ext 1 SMDs wired to PRUICSS for hard real time operation.
  • Option for stackable LCD cape
Grand Prize

Interacto by Chris Clark

Get your BeagleBone interactive with

  • a triple axis accelerometer
  • gyroscope
  • magnetometer
  • plus, a 640x480 30fps camera

All sensors are digital and communicate via I2C to the BeagleBone. The camera frames are captured using the PRU.

Grand Prize

Geiger cape by Matt Ranostay

Geiger cape is a working design that registers radiation counts from background sources and test sources. BOM cost for the Geiger Cape is well under $60 if you exclude any fancy geiger tubes or bring your own. Everyone in this project contributions:

  • Matt Ranostay - QA Tester/HW reworker, backup HW design, demo application design, Presentation Giver at ELCE 2012
  • Pantelis Antoniou (TI Consultant) - Capebus support added for Geiger Cape
  • Dimitris Sapountzakis - Primary hardware design

There are few board erratas that exist. These mostly have to with protecting users from toasting the beaglebone, and some package sizing. But this is a completely working design with multiple geiger tubes.

Social Media Favorite

FPGA LOGI-BONE by Michael Jones
The FPGA LOGI-BONE is a high performance low cost FPGA expansion board specifically designed to interface with the BeagleBone as an FPGA cape. The LOGI-BONE meets the requirements of being low cost while maintaining maximum performance. The LOGI-BONE facilitates maximum expansion using standardized interfaces including PMOD modules, SATA devices and Arduino Shields to allow direct plug and play functionality with a diverse amount of available hardware. The PCB was designed using a 4 layer PCB with utmost care taken to length tune and impedance control critical high speed signals. The LOGI-BONE has versatile programming options making it easy to design and program custom FPGA applications.

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