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Description Geiger cape is working design that registers radiation counts from background sources and test sources. BOM cost for the Geiger Cape is well under $60 if you exclude any fancy geiger tubes or bring your own. Everyone in this project contributions: * Matt Ranostay - QA Tester/HW reworker, backup HW design, demo application design, Presentation Giver at ELCE 2012 * Pantelis Antoniou (TI Consultant) - Capebus support added for Geiger Cape * Dimitris Sapountzakis - Primary hardware design There are few board erratas that exist. These mostly have to with protecting users from toasting the beaglebone, and some package sizing. But this is a completely working design with multiple geiger tubes.
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Submitter Matt Ranostay

Projected created on: Sat Nov 17 2012 11:59:41 GMT-0000 (UTC)
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