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Jason Kridner

Jason Kridner is the chief software architect for the Sitara ARM microprocessor business at Texas Instruments (TI) and the community development manager. Jason has been developing signal processing and embedded applications for over 20 years as a hardware developer at board, FPGA and ASIC levels and leading software development teams on low-power media software, file systems, USB drivers, digital rights management, and video codecs.

As one of the founders of the project, Jason is seeking to make web appliances something that electronics hobbyists can put together on their own and customize however they desire.

Jason has presented keynotes at the Android Builders Summit and Embedded Technology Conference as well as participated in multiple hands-on training sessions, panels and presentations at CES, ESC, ARM developer conferences and several Linux and open source developer events.

My #beagle IRC channel nickname is 'jkridner'.


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