Beagle Board -

BeagleBone Black workshop at Maker Faire Detroit 2013

Sponsored by element14

Workshop Instructions [PDF]

Bill of Materials (BOM) for the workshop with Newark element14 SKUs:

1BeagleBone Black
1Adafruit BeagleBone Black Protoplate
1Adafruit half-size breadboard
3270 Ohm resistor
3Red LED
1Adafruit tactile switch buttons (10 pack)
101K Ohm resistor
2TMP36 temperature sensor
1BeagleBone sticker

Let's start with a quick board tour

Task #1 - Blink an LED

// Setup
var b = require('bonescript');  // Read library
var LED = "P9_14";              // Where the LED is connected
var state = 0;                  // Define the 'state' variable
b.pinMode(LED, b.OUTPUT);       // Enable the pin

// Call 'blink' every 100ms
setInterval(blink, 100);

// Define the 'blink' function
function blink() {
    state = !state;
    b.analogWrite(LED, state);

Run examples from this web page

If you don't want to type these programs into the Cloud9 IDE, you can connect your board over USB and the box below should turn green. You can then use the run buttons above.

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