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Open hardware computing for makers, educators and professionals released the first BeagleBoard, an affordable, open hardware computer in 2008. The original BeagleBoard continues to be available today, along with the extra performance BeagleBoard-xM introduced in 2010 and the more maker-focused, bare-bone credit card sized BeagleBone introduced in 2011. The latest, most affordable and highly flexible design is BeagleBone Black, introduced in May of 2013.

The Foundation is a US-based 501(c) non-profit corporation existing to:

  • Provide education around the design and use of open-source software and hardware
  • Foster communication between individuals interested in open-source software and hardware

BeagleBone Black

High-performance (1 GHz, super-scalar) credit-card-sized ARM® Linux™ computer has a low-cost design, on-board 4GB flash storage, integrated microcontrollers and ability to run on USB power making it the most affordable open-source development board around.

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BeagleBone Capes

Capes are add-on boards that extend the functionality of BeagleBone Black to simplify the development of many common applications, such as 3D printing, industrial robotics, autonomous robots and flying drones, dedicated tablets, thin clients, home automation, automotive computing, gaming, digital signage and more.

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