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Boston 2011

Boston 2010

The ESC Boston 2010 Windows Compact Embedded 7 hands-on training with the BeagleBoard-xM was held on September 20-21. All of the materials are available for download from this link on MPC Data's website. My apologies for delays as Claus is on travel in Europe and did not provide the link right away (though he did upload the content).

Chicago 2010

Please download the class 4GB microSD card image from esc-20100610.tar.bz2. You can write it to your microSD card using a USB adapter on your PC under Linux using dd ' ( bzcat esc-20100610.tar.bz2 | dd of= /path/to/drive bs=8388608 ). Under Windows, you can decompress the image using 7-zip and write it to a microSD card using the graphical Ubuntu win32 image writer tool documented on the Ubuntu help wiki.

The slides are available for download below in PDF format. The missing ones should be uploaded soon as well.

BeagleBoard Sessions

This series introduces the new BeagleBoard-xM, the latest version of the groundbreaking BeagleBoard. The xM builds upon the huge success of the BeagleBoard and directly addresses community requests with higher speeds, more memory, greater expansion capability, and the incorporation of a 4-port USB hub and Ethernet. Despite these changes, the xM maintains binary compatibility with previous versions and continues to provide stellar performance at extremely low power levels—low enough to be run simply off of a typical personal computer’s USB port—as well as a small footprint and an open hardware design. The BeagleBoard-xM is configured to always boot from external media, such as the microSD slot, serial port, or USB port. This series includes a demonstration and training image that includes the Angstrom Linux distribution. The microSD card can easily be replaced with cards containing images of alternative operating systems, such as Ubuntu, MeeGo, QNX, or WinCE. This will be the first opportunity for you to get your hands on an xM board. Participants will receive their own BeagleBoard xM and an SD card that contains the distributions for the classes as well as demos, tools, and more.

Classes in this track include instruction on embedded Linux, Qt, and Android, taught by experts in the field. These experts are also active members of the BeagleBoard community - come and join the discussion at Be sure to pass on your special thanks to all of the highly active community members for their contribution to this introduction to embedded systems development while you visit the community.

Student setup

Instructions will go here on how to setup for your classes. Please revisit frequently as instructions may be updated. Notifications of updates will go out to the BeagleBoard mailing list.

Serial adapters

It is quite helpful to have a serial connection. The BeagleBoard-xM can connect directly to a USB-to-serial adapter, so you are encouraged to have the required drivers installed to use a USB-to-serial adapter cable.

Optional Linux virtual host machine

Optional Android SDK

France 2009

ESC France, Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

BeagleBoard Workshop - Thursday, December 3rd

Join at ESC France for a hands-on interactive training workshop. You get access to industry expert led classes where you learn how to configure your kit onsite---and it's yours to keep!

Training and Free Hardware

Purchase your place now! Limited availability.

You can add a BeagleBoard to ANY ESC France registration package for €149 (vat inclusive).

Key Takeaways : Learn to boot, verify, and interact with a Beagle Board, explore the capabilities, develop with the boot-loader and kernel sources, and address the hardware manufacturing challenges.

Audience level : Introductory

Pre-requisites : Some knowledge of C compilers, Linux, and the VIM or PICO text editors is beneficial, but not strictly required.

Presentation Abstract : This session will give you all of the hardware, boot, and kernel basics for getting started with development on your Beagle Board or product derived from the Beagle Board. A bit of Linux experience is desired before attending this session, but is not strictly required. The attendee will be walked through the motivations behind the architecture of the Beagle Board, how to engage with the Beagle Board developer community, and how to obtain and utilize the source code projects most fundamental to the board functionality.

Attendees are encouraged to bring their own laptops and a USB-to-serial adapter, available for sale at the show, to the classes for easy bring-up of the BeagleBoard. The classroom will also be equipped with monitors and connectors for every individual registered attendee.

The class presenter will be in the workshop Wednesday afternoon for those that would like to bring-up their boards before the classes kick-off.

Workshop presentations can be downloaded prior to the classes here at


BeagleBoard 101 Workshop

Speaker: Marie-Claire Desjardins (Systems Applications Engineer, Texas Instruments)

Date/Time: Thursday (December 3, 2009) 09:00 am - 12:30 pm

Location(room): Makalu, Europole Congress, World Trade Centre, Grenoble

Boston 2009

BeagleBoard Workshop- Tuesday, September 22nd

Join at ESC for a hands-on interactive day of training. You get access to industry expert led classes where you learn how to configure you kit onsite---and it’s yours to keep!

Sessions are Free

Purchase your kit now! You can add a BeagleBoard to ANY ESC registration package for $299.

Already have a BeagleBoard from last year’s event? Pay an additional $99 for your 2009 set up (including cables, monitor station and all BeagleBoard accessories). This option can be added to any ESC registration package.

Attendees are encouraged to bring their laptops and a USB-to-serial adapter, which is available for sale at the show, to the classes for easy bring-up of the BeagleBoard. The minds behind the BeagleBoard, Jason Kridner and Gerald Coley, will be in the workshop Tuesday morning for those that would like to bring-up their boards before the classes kick-off. Workshop presentations can be downloaded prior to the classes here at

Note : BeagleBoard registration package additions are available in the STEP 3 portion of ESC registration.

Have ideas and projects you want to share with other BeagleBoard developers? Stick around after the classes and join for drinks at the Users Group meeting after the classes in room 200.


BeagleBoard 101 Workshop
Speaker: Gerald Coley (Systems Engineer, Texas Instruments) & Jason Kridner (Principal Architect, Texas Instruments)
Date/Time: Tuesday (September 22, 2009) 12:30pm — 2:30pm
Location (room): 200
Slides: BeagleBoard101-esc-boston-2009b.ppt

Run Android on your BeagleBoard
Speaker: Bill Gatliff
Date/Time: Tuesday (September 22, 2009) 2:45pm — 4:00pm
Location (room): 200
Slides: intro_android.pdf

Embedded Streaming Media with Gstreamer
Speaker: Santiago Nunez (RidgeRun)
Date/Time: Tuesday (September 22, 2009) 4:15pm — 5:30pm
Location (room): 200
Slides: ESC-228Slides_snunez.ppt

Introduction to 3D with the BeagleBoard
Speaker: Clay Montgomery (Texas Instruments)
Date/Time: Tuesday (September 22, 2009) 5:45pm — 7:00pm
Location (room): 200
Slides: OMAP_Graphics_ESC.ppt Users Group Meeting
Date/Time: Tuesday (September 22, 2009) 7:00pm — ???
Location (room): 200

Silicon Valley 2009

Silicon Valley 2009 Build Your Own Embedded System track



Download the following image and use it to program your SD card utilizing the utility ' dd ' ( zcat esc2009sj.v12.img.gz | dd of= /path/to/drive bs=8388608 ).

The win32 image writer tool might also work well for this.

Boston 2008

Content from the 2008 presentations can be found at

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