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An extensible low-cost open platform for learning embedded control & robotics in multithreaded Linux. Runs ROS, Python, Simulink, LabVIEW.

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Things used in this project

Hardware components

Renaissance Robotics eduMIP
BeagleBone Blue BeagleBone Blue
Option #1: Use the all-in-one BeagleBone Blue
Robotics Cape
Renaissance Robotics Robotics Cape
Option #2: Use a BeagleBone Black or Black Wireless together with the Robotics Cape
JST Jumper Bundle for the BeagleBone Blue
Renaissance Robotics JST Jumper Bundle for the BeagleBone Blue
(Optional: use the handy JST Jumper Bundle from Renaissance Robotics to easily extend the functionality of the system with more motors, encoders, UART, I2C, CAN, PWR, SPI, GPS, GPIO, & ADC.)


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Custom parts and enclosures

eduMIP design files

Solidworks design files and STL for mechanical design.


BeagleBone Blue source

Schematics, layout and documentation for a community-supported WiFi/BT-enabled Linux controller board.


eduMIP control software

The C libroboticscape software pre-installed on BeagleBone Blue.


Thomas Bewley

Thomas Bewley

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Prof Bewley (BS/MS Caltech '89 PhD Stanford '98) directs the UCSD Flow Control & Coordinated Robotics Labs and founded Renaissance Robotics
Jason Kridner

Jason Kridner

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Co-founder of
Kurt Talke

Kurt Talke

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James Strawson

James Strawson

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Thanks to Thomas Bewley, Jason Kridner, James Strawson, Kurt Talke, and Clark Briggs.


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