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BeagleBoard Compliant

The product bearing the BeagleBoard Compliant Logo has been tested by and has been determined to be BeagleBoard Compliant. “BeagleBoard Compliant” is defined as a product that (a) is identical in technical design and functionality as the specified product with which this product is compliant, and (b) runs on the version of the software provided by to supplier. A product shall be deemed “BeagleBoard Compliant” as of the manufacture date. If additional peripherals are bundled with the supplier’s product, the “BeagleBoard Compliant” certification does not extend to those peripherals.

This product may include other accessories and the applicability for use with this product is the sole responsibility of the supplier.

General support for this board is available from the community. All hardware support for this product is the responsibility of the supplier. Return merchandise authorization support is provided by the supplier and access to this is provided by the supplier via its website.

The quality and the manufacture of products compliant with this Agreement are the sole responsibility of the supplier of this product and bears no responsibility for the inability of the supplier of this product either to maintain this compliancy or to the quality of the product. will make every effort to insure the continued compliance of this product by working with and supporting the supplier to the extent the supplier wishes to do so.

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