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Solar Energy Beagle Cape

Entry name Solar Energy Beagle Cape
Description The Solar Energy Beagle Cape is a complete solar energy monitoring station. You can power remote sensors, lights, computers, etc. autonomously with clean solar energy. With its built in heavy duty current sensors you can charge any standard 12V or 24V lead acid battery and control the discharge depth for high battery protection. Monitor and customize every variable inside the solar charge controller to better understand how solar energy controllers work and to charge different types of batteries using other types of energy sources. With its dedicated microcontroller, the Solar Energy Beagle Cape performs all the readings and calculations automatically and can be used as a standalone system. It uses only 2 serial pins so you can connect the Cape to your BeagleBone and plug other expansions simultaneously. Use it to become independent of fossil electricity, for educational purposes and just for sustainable fun! ----------------Features: -12/24V automatic detection -Support solar panels 12V or 24V up to 150W (6A max, 10A for 10 sec, estimated values) -Provides 5V up to 1.5A with >90% efficiency -Built in current sensors for accurate input and output power monitoring -Talks to Beagle Bone via Tx4, Rx4, GND, no other pins required -Can be used as a CAPE and as a fully configurable standalone solar charger -PWM output up to 150W @ 24V -4 programmable status LEDs; default is 1 for charging status, 2, 3, 4 for battery charge level -Port for programming new firmwares on dedicated chip (PIC16F) -Output overload and short circuit protection -Protected against reverse polarity -Tactile switch for external direct control
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Submitter Martin Garcia

Projected created on: Thu Dec 06 2012 23:32:42 GMT-0000 (UTC)
Submitted by: plusmartin
Last updated on: Thu Dec 06 2012 23:37:58 GMT-0000 (UTC)