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BeagleBone DMX Cape

Entry name BeagleBone DMX Cape
Description With the BeagleBone DMX Cape, your BeagleBone turns into a DMX interface and controller in one! The cape is a cheap, flexible, and robust tool for BeagleBone hackers and developers to create fun, interactive light shows. DMX is the industry standard lighting protocol and used in venues that need light all around the world. Professional lighting setups tend to use expensive DMX interfaces attached to expensive and underutilized computers to control systems that need only a minimal amount of computing power. This cape adds the capability for lighting designers to consider the BeagleBone an option that won't blow their lighting budget. The BeagleBone's capabilities in physical computing and Internet connectivity, combined with the DMX cape, allows for interesting interactive light shows at a low controller and interface cost. Combining the controller and interface into one package reduces the complexity of such setups.
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Submitter Sean McIntyre

Projected created on: Tue Jan 01 2013 01:13:34 GMT-0000 (UTC)
Submitted by: boxysean
Last updated on: Tue Jan 01 2013 01:13:34 GMT-0000 (UTC)